The IHBB European Championships

Information on our 2019 IHBB European Championships (to be held on one of the last two weekends in May, 2019, most likely the final weekend) will be posted here once the venue and dates have been confirmed in the fall of 2018.

Report from 2018 IHBB European Championships

The International History Bee and Bowl held its seventh annual European Championships at Novy PORG in Prague on 8-10 June, 2018. Congratulations to our champions!

1. 2018 International History Bowl – European Championships
Varsity – International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland
Junior Varsity – The British School, Warsaw A, Poland
Middle School – Collège André Corbet, France

2. 2018 International History Bee – European Championships
Varsity – Chris Thorn, Eton College, England
Junior Varsity – Marek Sicinski, The British School, Warsaw, Poland
Middle School – Pedro Juan Orduz, International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland

3. 2018 International Geography Bee – European Championships
Varsity – Chris Thorn, Eton College, England
Junior Varsity – Yannick Neuffer, SIS Basel, Switzerland
Middle School – Maxim Nakhapetian, Zurich International School, Switzerland

4. 2018 Sports and Entertainment History Bee at the European Championships
Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions – Yannick Neuffer, SIS Basel, Switzerland
Middle School – Sabine Ebanks, Zurich International School, Switzerland

5. 2018 Academic Bowl of Europe
Combined Divisions – Zurich International School A, Switzerland

6. 2018 History Bee of Bohemia (a side event held in Prague’s Old Town Square and on the Charles Bridge featuring questions on the history of the Czech Republic)
Combined Divisions – PatrykPudłowski, II Społeczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Pawła Jasienica, Warsaw, Poland


Description of the 2018 European Championships Weekend

IHBB held its 2018 European Championships in Prague from 8-10 June, with Novy PORG as our host school! Please see below for our program and times of events. You can download a list of suggested hotels here

In the morning, we will visit Prague’s historic center, come bright and early if interested. We’ll have a relatively early lunch, then have a special competition for all who are interested: The History Bee of Bohemia! We will play with our battery-operated buzzers in Old Town Square in a friendly tournament free for all participants which focuses on the history of the Czech Republic (and its prior history as Czechoslovakia, part of Austria-Hungary, the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Bohemia, etc.).
Those who are interested can then come with us to (or meet us at) Novy PORG for the third annual Academic Bowl of Europe. No qualification is required! See last year’s European Championships’ question sets (listed under International Academic Bowl) for sample questions from this all-subject team quiz bowl competition. Rounds will feature 3 parts. In the first part, there will be 7 tossup questions and 7 3-question bonuses within the same academic discipline as the tossup (but not as directly related as History Bowl bonuses work). All bonus parts will bounce back, so the team that didn’t get the tossup will have a chance at them (unless neither team gets the tossup, in which case, the bonuses aren’t read). Each tossup question has 2 levels of power – for 20 and 10 points; incorrect answers do not lead to negative points. In the second part, there will be 4 60 second round choices (one each from literature, science, history/geography, and fine arts or religion/mythology). These will follow the usual IHBB 60 second round rules. The third part of the match works exactly like the first.
In the evening, after the Academic Bowl concludes, those who wish to join us for dinner can make reservations at a restaurant in Prague (location TBD).

Saturday will begin with our annual Sports and Entertainment History Bee, open to all students (and coaches and parents and family members in the Open Division!) No qualification is required – sample questions may be found here from last year. In the mid-morning, we will transition from popular culture to geography with the preliminary rounds of the International Geography Bee European Championships. We will then have lunch, during which time, students who are present with their teams at the European Championships, but who have not yet qualified for the IHBB Europe History Bee Championships, may compete in our History Bee Qualifier. The qualifier consists of one round – students finishing in the top half in their division then can compete in the History Bee Championships. Students who do not qualify can compete in the IHBB Europe History Open Bee, which runs concurrently.
After the Qualifier concludes, we will run the final rounds of the Sports and Entertainment History Bee and the International Geography Bee, followed by the Opening Meeting and four preliminary rounds of the IHBB European History Bee Championships. The Championships will likely have a two-stage playoff in each age division, though this depends on the number of students competing.

Sunday is the day of the IHBB European History Bowl Championships! Five rounds of preliminaries and three rounds of playoffs will be contested. We will finish by no later than 16:00. If you are planning on returning home that evening, any train out of Prague at 17:00 or later or flight out of Prague at 18:30 or later should be fine. If your desired flight or train leaves prior to that, contact us, and we’ll let you know whether it might make sense to book it or not.

Students who win their age division at either the 2017 or 2018 International Geography Bee European Championships receive a reduction of $200 USD in entry fees to the 2018 International Geography Bee World Championships in Berlin on July 11-17. This is not cumulative over the two years, however, if a student wins in both years.

Students who win their age division in the History Bee either the 2017 or 2018 IHBB European Championships receive a reduction of $200 USD in entry fees to the 2018 International History Olympiad in Berlin on July 14-22. Students on a champion History Bowl in any age division receive a reduction in $100 USD in entry fees. This is not cumulative over the two years, however, if a student wins in both years, nor can the Bee and Bowl discounts be combined (the maximum History Olympiad is thus $200).

However, if a student is competing in both the International History Olympiad and the 2018 International Geography Bee World Championships and has received a geography discount, this can be combined with a history discount on the combined price ($2475 USD) for both events. The maximum possible discount is thus $400 USD.

For all questions on the IHBB and IGB European Championships, please contact Mrs Nolwenn Madden at

2018 Academic Bowl Teams
1. Zurich International School A #
2. Zurich International School B #
3. Collège André Corbet
4. Ecole Jeannine Manuel

Date June 8, 2018
Registration Deadline June 1, 2018 7:00pm EST
Address Pod Krčským lesem 25, 142 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
Coordinator Nolwenn Madden
Director Nolwenn and David Madden
Schedule of Events
10:00Optional Sightseeing Excursion to Prague's Old Town
12:40The History Bee of Bohemia Prelim Round (First Group)
1:20The History Bee of Bohemia Prelim Round (Second Group)
2:00The History Bee of Bohemia Final Round
2:30Leave for Novy PORG
3:15Academic Bowl of Europe - Doors Open
3:40Academic Bowl - Please Arrive By This Time!
3:50Academic Bowl Opening Meeting
4:10Academic Bowl Round 1
4:45Academic Bowl Round 2
5:20Academic Bowl Round 3
5:55Academic Bowl Round 4
6:30Academic Bowl Round 5
7:00Snack Break (bring your own snacks)
7:10Academic Bowl Semifinals
7:40Academic Bowl Finals
8:00Academic Bowl End
8:15Group Dinner
8:45Sports & Entertainment Bee Doors Open
9:00Sports & Entertainment Bee Please Arrive By This Time!
9:05Sports & Entertainment Bee Opening Meeting
9:20Sports & Entertainment Bee Round 1
9:50Sports & Entertainment Bee Round 2
10:20Intl. Geography Bee European Championships - Please Arrive By This Time!
10:30Intl. Geography Bee - Opening Meeting
10:50Intl. Geography Bee Round 1
11:20Intl. Geography Bee Round 2
11:45Intl. Geography Bee Round 3
12:40History Bee Qualifier Check In
12:50History Bee Qualifier Opening Meeting
1:05History Bee Qualifier
1:30Intl. Geography Bee Finals
2:00Sports & Entertainment History Bee Finals
2:20History Bee Check In (Snack Break)
2:35History Bee - Please Arrive By This Time!
2:50History Bee Opening Meeting
3:15History Bee Round 1
3:50History Bee Round 2
4:20History Bee Round 3
4:50History Bee Round 4
5:45History Bee Final Stage 1
6:30History Bee Final Stage 2
8:45Doors Open for History Bowl
9:10Please Arrive By This Time for History Bowl!
9:25History Bowl Opening Meeting
9:55History Bowl Round 1
10:35History Bowl Round 2
11:15History Bowl Round 3
11:55History Bowl Round 4
12:35History Bowl Round 5
1:40Playoff Assignments Posted
1:55History Bowl Playoff Round 1
2:35History Bowl Playoff Round 2
3:10History Bowl Playoff Round 3
3:55History Bowl End
  1. Novy Porg A
  2. Novy Porg B *
  3. Novy Porg C *
  4. International School of Geneva
  5. Zurich International School A #
  6. Zurich International School B #
  7. The British School, Warsaw A *
  8. The British School, Warsaw B #
  9. The British School, Warsaw C #
  10. Britannica International School Budapest #
  11. Stefan Batory High School A
  12. Stefan Batory High School B
  13. Collège André Corbet #
  14. British School of Milan A
  15. British School of Milan B #
  16. Ecole Jeannine Manuel A
  17. Ecole Jeannine Manuel B *
  18. SIS Basel A *
  19. SIS Basel B #
  20. Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz *
  21. QSI Ljubljana #
  22. Eton College A
  23. Eton College B
  24. Eton College C *
  25. II Społeczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Pawła Jasienica
  26. Black Forest Academy *
* denotes junior varsity
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