2019 European Championships Costs

Currency History Bowl Price Per Team
Bee Price Per Student
Open Bee Price Per Student/Adult
Buzzer Discount Academic Bowl Price Per Team
Extra Fees (1 wire fee per school) Lunch
Private School State School Private School State School Private School State School Per system brought Private School State School Late Bowl Payment Fee Late Bee Payment Fee Wire  Fee Per person and per meal
British Pound 330 250 70 55 50 40 20 110 85 100 35 / TBD
Czech Koruna 10,500 8,500 2,100 1,700 1,700 1,200 600 3,200 2,600 3,000 1,000 / TBD
Euro 425 315 80 65 65 40 25 130 105 120 40 / TBD
Hungarian Forint 125,000 100,000 25,000 18,000 18,000 12,000 7,000 35,000 28,000 30,000 10,000 / TBD
Icelandic Króna 50,000 38,000 10,000 7,000 7,000 6,000 2,500 15,000 12,000 15,000 5,000 / TBD
Polish Złoty 1,800 1,350 340 275 275 225 100 520 420 500 170 / TBD
Qatari Riyal 1,800 1,600 340 290 275 240 100 650 550 600 200 / TBD
Swedish Krona 3,700 2,900 795 600 600 450 230 1,000 750 900 300 / TBD
Swiss Franc 485 395 100 80 80 70 30 150 130 150 50 / TBD
US Dollar (wire transfer) 470 385 95 75 75 65 30 145 125 140 45 35 TBD

*** The International Geography Bee European Championships costs the same amount as the price for a student in the Open Bee at the state school price (for all students; not just those attending state schools). ***

Note 1: The Bee and the Open Bee prices are per student because the Bee is always an individual student event.

Note 2: Teams paying by wire transfer must include an additional payment of 35 USD as stated to cover processing fees. All wire transfers must be paid in US Dollars, namely, the amount we receive must be the amount owed in US dollars, plus the transfer fee. If your bank charges additional fees, these must be taken into account in addition to this. One wire fee covers all the teams and students per school.

Note 3: You are only permitted to pay in US dollars, the currency of the country where the tournament is taking place, or the currency of the country your school is located in.

Teams paying by cash on the tournament day may of course pay in local currencies (though US Dollar equivalent is fine).  We don’t accept checks anymore, unless they are made out in US dollars, because our bank has raised the international check processing fee.

Note 4: Please note that History Bowl and Academic Bowl teams of 2 students cost 2/3 of the price listed here, and “teams” of 1 student cost 1/3 of the prices listed here. Such teams must be registered as such; the discount otherwise does not apply. Schools interested in requesting such discounted entry fees must email nolwenn@iacompetitions.com to request the discount.

Note 5: No one is ever turned away for lack of payment, but if full payment, including wire fees if applicable, is not received within 2 weeks of the tournament date, the late payment fee will apply.

Note 6: If you wish to pay for a tournament in a currency other than the one listed, that is allowed, but please contact nolwenn@iacompetitions.com to find out the equivalent price.

Note 7: The definition of a state school for our purposes is a school overseen by the government, and which does not charge any tuition fees to any students. “Semi-private” schools, such as private schools which are partially subsidized by the state but still charge tuition fees to students (even if there are a few students who may be attending on full scholarships) must pay the private school rate.

Note 8: Schools are required to bring one reader for each two teams that they enter. Schools need to ask our permission for entering teams without readers, and if it’s granted, for every team they miss bringing a reader for, there will be a penalty of 100 USD (or equivalent in local currency).

Note 9: IHBB reserves the right to add other costs depending on the logistics of the tournament.

Note 10 regarding our cancellation policy:
– You can cancel your registration for free until May 15 (which is the registration deadline) by emailing nolwenn@historybowl.com.
– Teams and students dropping between May 16 and May 17  owe 50% of their registration fees.
– Teams and students dropping after May 17 owe 100% of their registration fees.