International Academic Competitions Regional Tournament Registration Information for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Registration is now open! Please register using the form here for International History Bee and Bowl tournaments.

Please register using the form here for the Online Geography Bee tournaments.

Please register using the form here for the Online Science Bee tournament.

The Registration Forms lists all tournaments that have been scheduled and for which registration is open. Additional History Bee and Bowl tournaments will be scheduled on an ongoing basis and registration for them will be available through the form above once they have been scheduled.

Registration is required in advance of each tournament. In most cases, the deadline to sign up is a week and a day (i.e. 8 days) before the tournament you are planning on attending though some tournaments do have different registration deadlines, so please check each tournament’s website. If you need to register a week or less before the tournament, please email and we will try to accommodate you. Upon registration, you will be sent an invoice with payment instructions. Please see the “Costs” tab on the menu bar for a list of prices and fees. Note that the Bee is included for all students who sign up with a Bowl team. If you are interested in registering a student solely for the Bee, please email for information on costs and further details.

Please also keep the following in mind:

1. Online Registration is required and is only available online through this site. After you register, you will receive an invoice at the email address that you mentioned.

2. Schools need to bring at least one reader (who can be a teacher, a parent or even a non-playing student) who can speak English clearly for every two teams they bring (or fraction thereof, so for example, if you are bringing 1 team, you still need to provide one reader). That person will then assist with reading questions and/or scorekeeping. Note that any school whose reader is uncomfortable both reading and scorekeeping must then bring a second person per every two teams to scorekeep (though reading and scorekeeping is not difficult for one person to do).

3. Each school must provide a valid contact email address for its contact person. Each school must designate an official contact person. This can be a teacher, administrator, or parent.

4. For the 2023-2024 academic year, in order to compete in the Varsity Division of the History Bee, students must have been born in or before August 2007 but not be over the age of 19. To qualify for the Junior Varsity Division, students must be born between September 2007 and August 2009. If a team wishes to compete in the Middle School Division, students must have been born in September 2009 or more recently. At tournaments that offer an Elementary Division, the Middle School Division is then for students born in September 2009-August 2011, and the Elementary Division would be for students born in September 2011 or later.
In the History Bowl, schools can have younger students compete on a team in an older division, but not vice versa. In the Bee competitions, students are not permitted to play up in an older age division (Students otherwise eligible to compete in the Elementary Division may always compete in the Middle School Division at tournaments that do not offer an Elementary Division, however.)

5. Teams are limited to 6 students; once you have more students interested, you need to sign up additional teams.

6. For any questions please contact the Director of International Academic Competitions European Division, Mr. David Madden, at