Students and school teams can play Regional Tournaments for the International History Bee and Bowl either online or in-person.

Online History Bee and Bowl tournaments are held over two days, with the History Bee taking place on Friday evenings, and the History Bowl taking place on Saturdays. Online tournaments follow the following schedule. Note that all times listed are Central European Time (i.e. the time zone of Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and many other countries). The Online Geography Bee and Online Science Bee tournaments that are held on Friday evenings use this same schedule as well.

If you are in the UK, Ireland, Iceland, or Portugal, please subtract one hour.
If you are in Türkiye, Finland, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, or Israel, please add one hour.
If you are in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, or Kuwait, please add two hours.
If you are in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, the UAE, or Oman, please add three hours.
If you are in Uzbekistan, please add four hours.

History Bee Schedule on Friday Evening

16.30 (4:30pm) History Bee Online Check-In Begins
17.00 History Bee – Opening Meeting
17.15 History Bee – Round 1
18.00 History Bee – Round 2
18.45 History Bee – Round 3
19.30 History Bee Finals
20.00 End

History Bowl Schedule on Saturday

10.00 Check-in Begins
10.30 Please Arrive By This Time!
10.40 History Bowl – Opening Meeting
11.00 History Bowl – Round 1
11.50 History Bowl – Round 2
12.40 History Bowl – Round 3
13.20 Lunch Break
14.00 History Bowl – Round 4
14.50 History Bowl – Round 5
15.40 History Bowl – Round 6 or Semifinals
16.30 History Bowl Finals
17.00 End

Note though, that most teams will finish by 15.30 or 16.30, depending on whether they do not make the playoffs, or play a Round 6, but not a Round 7. The exact time of schedule (i.e. single round robin, double round robin, some inclusion of crossover games between teams in different age divisions, etc.) is a function of how many teams sign up for each age division at any given tournament. International Academic Competitions always strives to have the fairest schedule and tournament format possible. The exact schedule and format for each tournament will be posted on each tournament’s website and sent out in a pre-tournament email to all registered schools in the week before the tournament takes place.