The 2022 International History Bee and Bowl European Championships
Presented by International Academic Competitions

International Academic Competitions held its eleventh annual European Championships at the Swiss International School in Basel on 27-29 May, 2022. Many thanks to SIS Basel for offering to host us and to Mr. Grayson McCready for coordinating the hosting arrangements.

This event was marked by IAC’s first ever Trinational Bee – a tournament making use of Basel’s unique geographic location. The participants played its three rounds outdoors, in Switzerland, France and Germany consecutively.

Our new European Champions for the 2022 History, Geography and Sports and Entertainment Bees are: Eli Bertuccioli (Varsity Champion – Geography Bee and History Bee), Gabriel Unglert (Junior Varsity Champion – Geography Bee), Huzair Khan (Middle School Champion – Geography Bee), Cedric Griessinger Taubitz (Senior Champion – Sports and Entertainment Bee), Austin Yau (Junior Champion – Sports and Entertainment Bee), Thomas Hampton (Junior Varsity Champion – History Bee), Ilya Rudnitskiy (Middle School Chanpion – History Bee). 

The victorious teams of the 2022 International History Bowl European Championships are: Ecole Jeannine Manuel – France (Varsity), St. Stephen’s School Rome B – Italy (Junior Varsity) and Dunya School Baku A – Azerbaijan (Middle School). Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances! 

All scores and final results can be found in the Results section.

Registration is now open!

Please access the registration form through the page here, and please be sure to read through the policies in effect in advance of registering.
The costs of the events of the weekend, as well as refund, late fee, and other payment policies are listed here.
If you need help in obtaining letters to apply for a visa to attend the competition, please email to begin this process.

Recommended Hotels (note: it is not required to stay at any of these places)
Capsule Hotel by Hyve
Inexpensive for Basel, but tiny rooms, 45 minute walk to the school. Close to Basel Hauptbahnhof
easyHotel Basel – Very close to the school; 4 minute walk
B&B Hotel Weil am Rhein / Basel – Technically in Germany (so a bit cheaper) though the other side of the street is Switzerland, 35 minute walk to the school (2.7 km away)
ibis Airport Bale Mulhouse – 4 km from school, in France, inexpensive

We also recommend any hotel close to Basel Badischer Bahnhof, the train station which is just a few minutes from the school. This station is much closer to the school than the Central Station (Basel Hauptbahnhof).

Schedule of events for the 2022 International Academic Competitions European Championships Weekend


Trinational Bee (offered free of charge to any student participating in any other event over the weekend)

4:30 Assemble in France at Rue de France / Quai de la République
4:45 Opening Meeting
5:00 France Round
5:30 Walk across the Rhine to Germany
5:40 Germany Round
6:10 Tram to Central Basel
6:30 Switzerland Round (near the Münster)
7:15 Awards, walk to Markthalle for dinner


Sports & Entertainment History Bee (offered free of charge to any student or adult in attendance for the weekend’s events)
9:30am Check-in Begins
9:45 Opening Meeting
10:00 Round 1
10:30 Round 2
11:15 Finals
11:45 Awards
11:50 Snack / Lunch Break (there is a kebab shop a close walk from the school)

International Geography Bee European Championships
11:45am Check-in Begins
12:15 Opening Meeting
12:30 Round 1
1:00 Round 2
1:30 Round 3
1:55 Snack / Lunch Break (there is a kebab shop a close walk from the school)
2:30 Finals
2:50 Awards

International History Bee European Championships
12:00 noon Play-in Game for those interested in competing who haven’t yet qualified!
2:30 Check-in Begins
3:00 Opening Meeting
3:25 Round 1
4:00 Round 2
4:30 Round 3
5:00 Round 4
5:45 Finals
6:15 Awards
6:30 End

International History Bowl European Championships
8:00am Doors Open, Check-in Begins
8:30 Please Arrive by this Time!
8:40 Opening Meeting
9:00 Bowl Round 1
9:40 Bowl Round 2
10:20 Bowl Round 3
10:55 Bowl Round 4
11:30 Bowl Round 5
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Quarterfinals
1:35 Semifinals
2:10 Finals
2:45 Awards
3:00 End

For all questions on the IHBB and IGB European Championships, please contact Mr David Madden at

History Bowl Field

1. Team Paris A
2. St. Stephen’s School Rome A
3. Benjamin Franklin International School, Barcelona
4. Zurich International School A
5. Zurich International School B

Junior Varsity
1. SIS Basel A
2. St. Stephen’s School Rome B
3. Team Qatar

Middle School
1. SIS Basel B
2. Dunya School, Baku A
3. Dunya School, Baku B
4. Dunya School, Baku C
5. Dunya School, Baku D
6. Dunya School, Baku E
7. International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie
8. International School of Belgrade
9. Team Paris B (pending)