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Last Updated on 21 January, 2016

IHBB European Championships Will Be on 27-30 May in Berlin!

Calling all young historians in Europe! The International History Bee and Bowl is excited to announce that after Provence, Paris, Rome, and Switzerland – our fifth annual European Championships will be held in the historic city of Berlin, with the John F. Kennedy School as our host school! Please click here for all the details – aside from our usual History Bee and Bowl competitions, we’re planning visits to museums and historic sites around the city, group dinners, and our annual Sports and Entertainment History Bee and our Geography Bee of Europe. We’re also planning on playing a separate Bee for early arrivals on Friday afternoon solely on German history on the steps of the Reichstag (in inclement weather, we’ll hold this underneath the Brandenburg Gate)! Then, on Monday, we’re offering all teams a chance to compete in the all-subject European Academic Bowl Championships! This will be a buzzer-based team competition, but with questions drawing from all manner of academic subjects.
Registration for our European Championships will open in February – we’ll be getting in touch with all teams who have qualified once it opens. Note that you and your team have two chances to qualify for it at any tournament that runs our Beta set of questions, and then again at any tournament on our Alpha set of questions. Click on the dots on the map to see which tournament will be held on which question set. For more information on our European Championships, please contact Mrs. Nolwenn Madden at nolwenn@historybowl.com
Good luck in qualifying, and we look forward to seeing you and your team in Berlin this spring!

Earlier Posts

(9 November, 2015) IHBB Europe’s Fifth Season Is Now Underway!

The International History Bee and Bowl’s European Division has recently begun its fifth year of tournaments. On 7 November at the International School of Monza, 14 teams contested the History Bee and Bowl of Northern Italy. Aside from the host school, the International School of Milan, the British School of Milan, and making their IHBB debut, the American School of Milan participated, with each school winning at least one of the 6 titles on offer (Bee and Bowl in the 3 age classes). Many thanks to all who attended and to Mr Andrew Ackers and IS Monza for hosting! A full tournament report can be found on the tournament page here.
IHBB staff have spent the past month in Europe visiting schools throughout the continent as we look to grow the number of participants across Europe this school year. We have visited schools in Poland, Ireland, England, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and are now en route to Denmark and Sweden for the final leg of our fall outreach trip. We anticipate having a great turnout at our tournaments from November through April, and at our 2016 European Championships. Look for an announcement on this page by the end of November regarding the date and location for our Championships, as well as for the remaining regional tournament dates this school year. Good luck, and we hope to see you at an International History Bee and Bowl tournament soon!

Congratulations to our 2015 European History Bee and Bowl Champions!
Varsity History Bowl: Collège du Léman, Versoix, Switzerland
Varsity History Bee: Cameron Bainbridge, Collège du Léman, Switzerland

Junior Varsity History Bowl: International School of Geneva, Switzerland
Junior Varsity History Bee: Jackson Stewart, Black Forest Academy, Germany

Middle School History Bowl: International School of Stuttgart, Germany
Middle School History Bee: Marcus Banyai, Intl. School of Stuttgart, Germany

A big thank you to Collège du Léman in Versoix, Switzerland for hosting our 2015 European Championships! 30 teams competed from a record eight countries throughout Europe in an exciting weekend of history quiz competition. A full report will be available soon under the Championships tab, including results from the inaugural Geography Bee of Europe and the annual Sports and Entertainment Bee. We hope to see many of the students who competed at the inaugural International History Olympiad this summer in the USA, and we’re already planning ahead to the 2015-16 competition season too. Thanks for a great year of history quiz fun throughout Europe!

2015 IHBB European Championships Registration Now Open!

(Paris) The International History Bee and Bowl has been busy running tournaments throughout Europe this month, with events recently held in England, Italy, and Germany, and tournaments coming up soon in France, Sweden, Spain, and Switzerland. These are all chances to qualify for our fourth annual European Championships, which will be held at Collège du Léman in Versoix, Switzerland (just outside Geneva) on 6-7 June. Registration is now officially open for the European Championships here for those who have qualified! Don’t forget that on Friday afternoon of 5 June from 4-9pm, we’ll also be holding the Geography Bee of Europe at Collège du Léman for students and teams who arrive early (this requires no qualification itself and you can sign up for it on the main registration form for the European Championships). Registration runs through 25 May. For further details on our European Championships, and on all aspects of The International History Bee and Bowl, please contact nolwenn@historybowl.com Good luck in qualifying, and we look forward to seeing you at the European Championships in June!

2015 IHBB Europe Spring Tournament Season Approaches!

(Bali – 2 March, 2015) The International History Bee and Bowl is looking forward to the bulk of its European season, which will begin in just a few weeks! Tournaments are being planned through Europe, including in several new countries from 21 March – 19 April. In Italy and Switzerland, we’re looking forward to our second tournaments of the year on the new Alpha set of questions, which will also be played in Germany as well. Teams and students will be competing not only for their regional and national championship titles over the coming weeks, but also for a chance to qualify for our fourth annual European Championships, which will be held in Geneva on 6-7 June, as well as our inaugural International History Olympiad in July in the USA! For further details, please contact nolwenn@historybowl.com Good luck this spring, and we look forward to seeing lots of students and schools competing soon!

2014-2015 IHBB Competition Season Is Underway!

(Washington, DC – 24 November, 2014) The International History Bee and Bowl’s fourth year of history quiz tournaments in Europe is underway! On 15 and 16 November, we held our first two events of the year, with tournaments in Northern Italy and Switzerland. Many thanks to the International School of Milan and to Swiss International School of Basel for hosting our competitions and to all who attended! Both tournaments featured 14 competing teams, many of whom are now already qualified for our 2015 European Championships in Geneva next June. This is the first year that IHBB has ever held competitions in the fall, which allows competing teams a second opportunity to compete and qualify at the regional level. Tournament dates continue to get established on a rolling basis for early 2015, so keep an eye on the list of tournament sites and dates for events near you. Good luck, and have a happy holiday season from everyone at IHBB!

Fourth Year of The International History Bee and Bowl’s European Division Set to Begin!

(Dublin, Ireland – 4 September, 2014 – updated with confirmed information on 2015 European Championships) The International History Bee and Bowl is gearing up for its fourth year of history quiz tournaments throughout Europe! In 2012-2013, 51 teams competed throughout Europe; last year (including the European Championships) we had 101! This year, we’re looking to see even more teams compete at tournaments in England, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and for the first time, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, and Slovakia! We’re also debuting a second set of Regionals questions, so students and teams can now compete twice before, and have two chances to qualify for the European Championships, which will be held at Collège du Léman in Versoix, Switzerland, right next to Geneva, on 6-7 June, 2015.

Additionally, we’re getting set for the inaugural 2015 International History Olympiad, which will be held at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia in the USA on 9-15 July, 2015! An optional trip for participants will then run from 15-23 July, visiting cities and universities of the Northeastern USA from Washington to Boston. Students in Europe who finished in the top half of either the Bee or the Bowl at any of our 2013-2014 tournaments have already qualified for the 2015 Olympiad; all students who qualify in the 2014-2015 school year will qualify for both the 2015 and 2016 Olympiads.

Please take the time to explore this site; it will be updated as the year goes along with information on our tournaments and results after they are held. There are also quite a few resources on the website that explain exactly how our tournaments work and how you and your school can best prepare for them. For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thank you for your interest in The International History Bee and Bowl’s European Division, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our tournaments soon!

Historically yours,

David and Nolwenn Madden
Founders and Executive Directors
The International History Bee and Bowl