Welcome to the Registration page for The National History Bee and Bowl’s European Championships!  Please keep the following in mind:

1. Online Registration is REQUIRED.
2. Schools need to bring at least one adult for every two teams they bring. Adults may be asked to assist with reading questions and/or scorekeeping.
3. When schools register, they do not have to specify which students will be competing – we don’t really need to know this until the day of the tournament.
4. Teachers and coaches must provide a valid email address. Each school must designate ONE official contact person. This can be a teacher, administrator, or parent.
5. Registration is only available online through this site; you will receive an official invoice with a confirmation number at the email address you provide.
6. For any questions pertaining to registration matters, contact the Executive Director, David Madden, at director@historybowl.com. All other queries should be directed to our International Director, Nolwenn Léon, at nolwenn@historybowl.com